Trends in Caregiving Products and Technology

Do you remember the Jetsons – that futuristic cartoon family from the ‘60s? Technology that seemed far-fetched then has now become commonplace. New products and services for caregivers are allowing seniors to age in place easier and safer than ever. For family members living far away from their loved ones, these advances are reducing the worries and making remote monitoring more feasible.


Here are some products and services that can improve the health status and quality of life for seniors:


  • Medication Management – One of the biggest concerns for family members is making sure that their loved ones are taking the correct medications when they are due. There are automated services that can call a client to remind them to take their meds and for seniors who have difficulty managing their meds, there are pharmacies that will pre-package all medications for a month into blister packs marked with day and time when the meds should be taken.
  • Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) – These wearable devices use GPS technology for monitoring location as well as defining geographical boundaries for more mobility. Alerts can be triggered if the person moves outside of the designated safe area. The wearer can communicate through the press of a button and it can also automatically detect falls. If the monitoring company gets no response from the wearer, emergency personnel can be immediately dispatched.
  • Vital Signs Monitor – Although wearable devices of this type have been used in the sports industry for years, they are becoming common for home caregiving. They can monitor vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and other measurable body functions.
  • Smart Implant Devices – Medical devices like glucose monitors and pacemakers can now communicate with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to provide real time information for a caregiver.


Almost all the newer devices and those mentioned above can sync with mobile devices that are carried by a caregiver or a family member. These technologies can provide some peace of mind that a loved one’s life is healthier and more enjoyable with the ability to provide a timely intervention to avoid dangerous or life-threatening situations.


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