What is Home Companion Care?

Companion care is all about providing seniors with physical and emotional support to stay healthy and remain independent and safe at home. Home care agencies help their clients stay mentally alert by engaging them in activities that decrease isolation and keep them socially involved. This is especially important for those who live alone. When seniors look […]

The Partnership Between Home Care Agencies and Assisted Living Facilities

  Many people think that assisted living facilities (ALFs) and home care agencies provide the same services just in different locations and compete for the same clients. The reality is that although families compare the two when looking at care options, they really can offer complementary services. Here is an explanation of the differences between […]

Flu Season 2017 – 2018: Protecting Seniors

Who else is enjoying this gorgeous weather? With the cooling temperatures also comes a reminder that flu season is just around the corner. Flu activity most commonly peaks in the United States between December and February. The time to be prepared is now. As we age our immune systems begin to weaken, making us more […]

Making the Best Choice

Deciding whether in-home care or assisted living is right for you or for your loved one comes down to understanding the differences between the two, the financial implications of each, and answering a few basic questions. In-Home Care In-home caregivers can provide many different services depending upon the needs. These services range from basic companionship […]