What is Home Companion Care?

Companion care is all about providing seniors with physical and emotional support to stay healthy and remain independent and safe at home. Home care agencies help their clients stay mentally alert by engaging them in activities that decrease isolation and keep them socially involved. This is especially important for those who live alone. When seniors look […]

Surgery and Injury Recovery Services

If you’ve just had an operation, after your surgery you’ll feel tired. This is your body trying to heal itself and asking you to rest, so it can put energy into recovery. When you come home from the hospital, it’s important that you and your family realize that you will need extra help for a […]

“I Don’t Need Any Help!”

You’re seeing signs in your elderly loved one such as a decline in personal hygiene, maybe weight loss indicating poor eating habits or housekeeping chores that are not being done, and you’re worried. You explain that you are starting to notice these things and out of love and concern for them, you want them to […]

Hidden Hazards for At-Home Seniors

It is well known that falls are the number one cause of accidents for seniors in the home, and many older adults sustain these injuries from things they use every day. While these potential hazards can be overlooked, they are also easily corrected. Here are several recommendations for improving safety at home: Cords/Cables: any type […]