Respiratory disorders

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1. The normal rate of respiration is    breaths per minute.

2. People withHIVor compromisedImmunesystems, are already sick so theycannot Get TB.

3. The main function of the respiratorysystem is to inhale oxygen into the lungs, transfer the oxygen tothe blood, and exhale carbon dioxide.

4. Tuberculosisis an airborne disease carriedon mucous droplets.

5. Asthma can affect people of any age.

6. Tuberculosisis spread through casual contact such as hand shaking.

7. Two thingsthat will help prevent the spread ofpneumonia and flu are:
  and immunization.

8. Tuberculosisis the leading causeof death inthe United States.

9. Your age, sex, or whereyou were born does not affect your riskfor TB.

10.Clients with COPD should not exercise.

11.A positivePPD test means you have active TB. Thereis no need for further testing
to confirm the results.

12.Ina facility,when leaving the isolation room, a regular surgical mask shouldbe
worn bythe person withactive TB.

13.TB can be diagnosed froma deepcough sputum specimen taken before bedtime.

14.TB infectionand TB disease isthe same thing.

15. The Mantoux or PPD skin test is doneon the upper armmuscle.

1. Which of the following are true statements, choose all the apply:

2. At what point would you call the patient’s healthcare provider?

3. Which of the following are true statements, choose all that apply:

4. How long does it take a normal adult to build immunity from a Covid 19 vaccine?

5. True or False: The Covid Vaccine has proven to be safe and effective for adults.

6. True or False: Once vaccinated you can resume activities as desired.

7. What are the 3 different types of white blood cells that our body uses to fight infection?

8. Is the antigen or the antibody the “dangerous invader” in the infectious process?

9. Which of the following are true statements, choose all that apply?

10. True or False: A virus that cannot replicate or spread, cannot mutate.

26. TB is:

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