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1. The normal rate of respiration is    breaths per minute.

2. People withHIVor compromisedImmunesystems, are already sick so theycannot Get TB.

3. The main function of the respiratorysystem is to inhale oxygen into the lungs, transfer the oxygen tothe blood, and exhale carbon dioxide.

4. Tuberculosisis an airborne disease carriedon mucous droplets.

5. If a client has an infected wound, use the following Additional Precautions:

6. Clients may share walkers, wheelchairs, and other equipment without worrying about cleaning it  between clients.

7. Write the four types of disease transmission:

8. List the four basic rules of Standard Precautions:

10. Airborne germs, like tuberculosis, can travel long distances through the air.

10. Which of the following is not a true statement about HIV infection?

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