Bloodborne Pathogens

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1. Name three bloodborne pathogens:

a. ,

b. ,

c. ,

2. All workers with a chance of exposure to blood or body fluids should receive
Hepatitis B vaccine unless theyshouldn’t take it for medical or pregnancy reasons.

3. Hepatitis B immunization requires a series of    injections.

4. Persons who have received HBV vaccine and developed immunity are at virtually no risk for infection for hepatitis B.

5. There is a vaccine against HIV.

6. Most exposures lead to HIV infection.

7. There is no vaccine against hepatitis C and no treatment after an exposure that will
prevent infection.

8. Proper handwashing requires lathering with soap for at least    seconds.

9. The first thing you should do if you are exposed to blood or body fluids is:

10. Standard precautions involve four basic things. Fill in the blanks below (four points).
b.   when might touch blood or body fluids.
c. Wear , or when splashing of blood or body fluids is likely, depending onthe situation. 
d. Safely use and dispose of .

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