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Healthcare Will Rise Above

I struggled with what subject to write about this month. With everything going on around us it seems so strange to write about anything else but the COVID19 virus. Everyone has been overwhelmed with information on this virus. So many

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Combating Loneliness in the Elderly; Donate Your Words

With all the recent increased awareness about suicide lately it is important to focus on the group of people who are actually most at risk, have the highest incidence, and the highest rate of successful suicides. Men over age 65

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Isolation Among Seniors

Isolation among seniors is extremely common, especially for those who live at home rather than a senior living community. Even though this loneliness happens easily for seniors, there are many ways to reduce it or prevent it from happening altogether.

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Caring for Someone with Dementia

Dementia is a general term for loss of memory, thinking, and reasoning skills that are severe enough to interfere with the activities of daily living. In addition to memory, dementia causes problems with language, behavior and emotions. There are many

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