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Respiratory disorders

Welcome to your Respiratory disorders Quiz

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2. People withHIVor compromisedImmunesystems, are already sick so theycannot Get TB.
3. The main function of the respiratorysystem is to inhale oxygen into the lungs, transfer the oxygen tothe blood, and exhale carbon dioxide.
4. Tuberculosisis an airborne disease carriedon mucous droplets.
5. Asthma can affect people of any age.
6. Tuberculosisis spread through casual contact such as hand shaking.
8. Tuberculosisis the leading causeof death inthe United States.
9. Your age, sex, or whereyou were born does not affect your riskfor TB.
10.Clients with COPD should not exercise.
11.A positivePPD test means you have active TB. Thereis no need for further testing
to confirm the results.
12.Ina facility,when leaving the isolation room, a regular surgical mask shouldbe
worn bythe person withactive TB.
13.TB can be diagnosed froma deepcough sputum specimen taken before bedtime.
14.TB infectionand TB disease isthe same thing.
15. The Mantoux or PPD skin test is doneon the upper armmuscle.
1. Which of the following products ARE FDA ­ regulated medical devices?
2. Which of the following is NOT true about the premarket review of medical devices?
3. Which of the following statements emphasizes the importance of post market surveillance by healthcare professionals?
4. Which of the following is NOT considered one of the three broad categories of medical device adverse events?
5. Which of the following is NOT a device user facility?
6. Which of the following is NOT a reportable event under MDR?
7. Which of the following IS true for healthcare professionals working in a device user facility?
8. Which of the following incidents must be reported by the user facility under MDR?
9. Which of the following device reports would NOT be of interest to FDA?
10. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
26. TB is:
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