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Isolation Among Seniors

Isolation among seniors is extremely common, especially for those who live at home rather than a senior living community. Even though this loneliness happens easily for seniors, there are many ways to reduce it or prevent it from happening altogether.

4 Ways to Reduce Senior Isolation:

1. Use Technology

Social media tends to get a lot of slack for being detrimental to people’s health. But there are beneficial aspects to social media and technology. Seniors can stay connected with long-distance family and friends through video chats, texts, or emails. They can also keep up with photos of their loved ones on social media, which gives them something to look forward to. Face-to-face communication is always best, but technology is a key communication tool when meeting in person is not possible.

2. Adopt a Pet

Pets such as dogs and cats are proven to provide multiple health benefits to people including a decrease in loneliness, isolation, depression, stress, and anxiety. Seniors who are able to take care of a pet should consider letting a furry friend into their life. It can also provide them a strong sense of purpose, which adds to their overall happiness.

3. Consider an Adult Day Health Program

Adult day health programs encourage social interaction amongst seniors through community activities. These programs can help seniors create strong connections and relationships. It gives seniors a productive and meaningful way to spend their days. This is especially helpful for seniors whose family members are working all day and cannot keep them company.

4. Set up Reliable Transportation

It can be difficult for seniors to leave their homes if friends and family members are not available to drive them. This should not be a reason for them to miss out on social activities and events. Family members can help set up reliable transportation, whether it be public transportation, a taxi, or another driving service. This will allow them to stay busy and socialize with their peers while participating in enjoyable hobbies and activities.

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